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Testimonials from my clients

Below is a selection of comments from some of my recent clients:

"Christy, thanks to you I was able to go out and embrace the atmosphere, felt positive and was filled with pride when I put my GB kit on and loved it. I have come away with so many wonderful memories and a taste of what international competition is all about." - Cindy Goslar, Triathlete
"I visited Christy for smoking cessation hypnotherapy. In the past I have had numerous unsuccessful attempts at quitting including hypnotherapy from another practitioner several years ago. After a single session she managed to motivate me to stop smoking very effectively and two months in I remain a successful non-smoker. I have not caved-in or been tempted once. In our session Christy combined a very relaxing nature and persuasive, tailored argument to help me achieve my goal. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Christy to anybody considering hypnotherapy to stop smoking or any other personal change." - Robin, Woking
"Very relaxing manner and made to feel very comfortable. A marked improvement in such a short space of time." - Alan W, Hampshire
"Christy is by far the best hypnotherapist I've ever visited. She's been able to help me gain clarity on a number of things and make several big improvements to my home and work life. To anyone thinking about seeing a hypnotherapist I say go for it, but make sure it's Christy that you visit!" - John B, Aldershot
"Christy is a lovely sweet person who is incredibly sensitive and giving. I really enjoyed my sessions and feel in a much better place than 6 months ago. Although weight loss is still an issue, my general well-being is great and I am feeling in a very positive place. I shall be booking future sessions with Christy when life feels a bit out of kilter!" - Jayne Stanley, Hampshire
"I had 2 sessions with Christy working on methods to help me with my golf. Not only were the sessions very helpful once I was on the golf course, I also found I could take away useful benefits for business as well. Christy is very thorough in her prep work and I'd highly recommend her to others." - David Pollock, Golfer
"Christy’s support and professionalism was invaluable in helping me overcome my pre-race nervousness. I was given some fantastic strategies for coping in the qualifying event for the World Sprint Age Group Championships – so fantastic, I qualified! Thank you Christy" - Ellie Barnes, Triathlete
"I was fortunate to meet Christy when I had started to become acutely aware of my phobia. Although I had accepted it, it had become, where it was dictating to me more and more – I thought I just had to put up with it – That was until I had had some sessions with Christy.

After only a few sessions, I already feel I have come a long way towards helping myself control my phobia – all due to Christy’s help. Christy offers a comfortable and soothing manner, enables you to talk and deal with things at your own pace. Helping you to sometimes answer questions you didn’t even realise you needed answering! Christy has an abundance of different approaches, each session brings something new, with that I have found clarity and confidence in myself and feel better equipped to deal with my issues.

Christy provides you with the control in the sessions, never forcing you to make any decisions you don’t want, always providing reassurance and helpful guidance throughout, explaining the process so you always have your own decisions and judgements to decide upon.

I always feel rejuvenated, relaxed and unburdened (although I never feel I arrive with a heavy weight on my shoulders) and I certainly have more clarity to my issues.

I have no hesitation in recommending Christy for anyone who requires help or guidance with phobias, confidence, anxieties, challenges and restoring you belief in yourself and your abilities.

I have enjoyed the sessions immensely have been surprised by the results, as I have never experienced hypnotherapy before. Christy is a very kind, confident, professional, who I would gladly recommend. I count myself as fortunate to have benefited from her hypnotherapy sessions." - Cathy
"I contacted Christy to help improve my golf. I am happy with my general standard, but was looking to improve consistency from game to game, increase confidence and enjoyment levels and eliminate negative self talk by finding routines to stay in the zone during play.

My sessions with Christy have helped significantly in all these areas, with help in creating a very positive mental attitude for both before and during games, using mental rehearsal techniques to work on specific parts of my swing and fine tuning my pre shot routine to clear away mental distractions every time I address the ball. I am now playing consistently at or near to my handicap of 13, have gone a long way to mastering a positive mental attitude throughout a game and am enjoying my golf a lot more as a result.

Many thanks, Christy – I definitely recommend her." - Philip, Woking
"Christy is a very calm and lovely lady, which makes it very easy to be relaxed with her. Christy has helped me to learn visualising techniques to help me relax, and manage my anxiety. I am now also able to get to sleep much better than I have in years thanks to the work I have done with her. I would definitely recommend Christy to other people. Thank you for all you have done so far for me - I am so grateful." - D, Aldershot
"After struggling with the symptoms of IBS for many years I decided to seek alternative therapy. I found that through the hypnotherapy provided by Christy I was able to manage my symptoms and start to take control of IBS. I would highly recommend Christy to others." - J, Surrey
"Christy really helped me overcome what was stopping me from reaching my full potential and making the most of the opportunities that lay before me. Working with her has given me a new confidence and a more relaxed outlook on life." - Matt, Surrey

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