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Sports Hypnosis - Maintaining Focus

The ability to eliminate distractions, to concentrate of the relevant aspects of a situation and to block out irrelevant information is a crucial skill for any sports person. Distraction of any kind (including external distractions such as other people or internal distractions such as excessive anxiety or worry) can make an athlete’s performance less than his/her true capability.

Professor of Psychology and Hypnotherapist Dr Don Liggett (the first person to use hypnosis to improve athletic performance) suggested that:

“Performance = Capability minus Distractions”

Removing unwanted distractions therefore becomes one of the most important elements of helping improve performance and this of course relates not only to sport, but many areas of life including business – when you get distracted, you lose focus on your end goal!

The breadth of focus is of course not the same for every sport and is not even the same at all times within a sport. So it is vital for an athlete to first identify what the optimal level of focus is for their sport and at what times. Hypnosis can help maintain this focus by using a variety of techniques to develop and adopt an appropriate focus for each individual.

As part of the Premium Sports Hypnosis programme, I work with clients to ensure maintaining the appropriate focus at the appropriate time is a skill which becomes a natural process, allowing the person to put all their energy into their sport.

If you would like to find out how hypnosis could help you maintain focus in your sport, email Christy today: Christy@christyhypnotherapy.com or call 01252 334377

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