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Sports Hypnosis - Improving Motivation

Dan is the captain and centre on his local football team. His team does not have outstanding talent, but if everyone gives maximum effort and plays together, the team should have a successful season. When the team’s record slips however, Dan becomes frustrated with some of his teammates who don’t seem to try as hard as he does. Despite being more talented than he, these players don’t seek out challenges, are not as motivated and in the presence of adversity often give up. Dan now wonders what he can do to motivate some of his teammates.

Like this example of footballer Dan, many coaches or team leaders often wonder why some individuals are highly motivated and constantly strive for success, whereas others seem to lack motivation. Some coaches may use inspirational slogans such as “Winners never quit” or “Give 110%”, however in order to be successful at motivation (of others OR yourself), a thorough understanding of all the factors which affect motivation is required.

Whilst there are many factors which influence motivation, it is widely recognised that one of the most important is goal setting. There are 4 basic ways in which goal setting helps improve motivation:

  • They focus attention to a specific task – with a goal in mind, you end up looking closely at performance and ways to improve.
  • They encourage effort – a person with a purpose devotes more effort to achieving that purpose
Download the Goal Setting handout for some tips you can use straight away to help boost motivation.

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