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Do you strive to consistently play at your best?

Hypnosis could help you perform at your peak, whatever your sport.

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Developing mental skills is now recognised as an important part of training, no matter what sport you play and at what level. Most athletes will acknowledge that their mental state strongly affects their performance however most do not spend more than 5% of their time is spent on sharpening their mental skills. It is true that mental condition is subject to training as much as physical condition or technique!

"As strong as my legs are, it is my mind that has made me a champion."
     - Michael Johnson

What is Sports Hypnosis?

Sports psychology deals with the psychological aspects of sport, which includes aspects of emotional control, arousal, confidence, thoughts (and self-talk), motivation, concentration and focus, mental blocks and slumps and competition preparation.

Sports hypnosis is therefore simply using the power of hypnosis to help enhance many sports psychology techniques.

Using hypnosis to improve performance in sport is actually nothing new – many top athletes have been using it for years. Many professional golfers, footballers, sprinters, show jumpers, fighters, rugby and tennis players have all used the power of hypnosis to help them consistently perform at their peak. Playing sport gives you the chance to exercise whilst displaying your skills and talents, but to consistently play at your highest level you need to be able to focus and stay motivated. Any tension, anxiety or frustration that creeps into your game can put you off completely, upsetting your rhythm and making it difficult to concentrate.

Using Sports Hypnosis can be extremely effective for the following:

Sports Hypnosis - Confidence building Anxiety management
Sports Hypnosis - Dealing with negative self-talk Sports Hypnosis - Improving motivation
Sports Hypnosis - Maintaining focus Sports Hypnosis - Competition preparation
Sports Hypnosis - Improving mental toughness Sports Hypnosis - Performance enhancement
Sports Hypnosis - Technique rehearsal Sports Hypnosis - Injury Recovery
Sports Hypnosis - Lifestyle management Sports Hypnosis - Well-being

Remember, you can trust the unconscious process with your life… You trust it to keep your heart beating as well as drive your car, so you can certainly trust it to help you improve at your sport!

Some athletes use hypnosis in sports to get in the "zone" or to achieve the level of concentration that brings them to their maximum competitive ability. This increased focus on the game can make the individual a better athlete, and a better team player. This is the kind of focus that can make the difference between winning and losing.

Hypnosis in sports can also be to assist with exercising and training, with an emphasis on using hypnotic suggestion to increase both ability and motivation. Hypnosis in sports can give the athlete the inner-confidence to enhance workouts, and increase actual sports performance when it really counts, on competition/event day.

So whether you would just like to step up your game and improve your performance on the track, court or field at weekends, or if you are a professional athlete who wants to be the best of the best – I can help you! Call or email me to find out how I can help you unleash your potential with your sport.

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