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Sports Hypnosis - Confidence Building

Although people talk about having “confidence” as though it were a thing, it is not an easy thing to define. Sports Psychologists define self-confidence as the “belief that you can successfully performa desired behaviour”… the desired behaviour might be kicking a ball into a goal, staying in a training programme, recovering from a knee injury or hitting the golf ball into the hole. But the common factor is that you believe you will get the job done.

Confidence is therefore not something which one person can “give” to another, but rather about a person believing they are capable of doing something. Self-confidence can also therefore vary from time to time depending on what you are attempting to achieve, so it is not a stable and consistent thing and must be constantly monitored.

A loss of confidence can occur as a result of many things, for example one bad performance, an injury or a negative self-image. Whatever the reason for this lack of confidence, there are a number of way in which hypnosis can help lead to an increase in confidence:

  • Using imagery to reinforce past sporting highlights to boost confidence for future events
  • Setting and visualising goals for continued progress
  • Observing performance of admired people / role models
  • Visualisation of expected future good performances
  • Creating affirmations and encouragement of positive self-talk

If you would like to find out how hypnosis could help build confidence, email Christy today: Christy@christyhypnotherapy.com or call 01252 334377

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