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Sports Hypnosis - Improving Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is something which is difficult to define as we all have our own ways in which we deal with stress, pressure, distractions, set-backs etc. What is most important when considering mental toughness is to assess each individual, how they currently deal with these things and to work out ways in which they can begin to improve their own ability to continue despite adversity.

Tiger Woods is probably one of the most famous sports people who is renowned for having supreme mental toughness and this is demonstrated by his ability to shut out the rest of the world for each shot he takes. The video below shows how Tiger Woods gets into the sporting 'Zone':

Improving mental toughness can therefore cover many elements including eliminating distractions, stopping negative self-talk and improving confidence, but what is needed for each person requires individual assessment. Gaining a sense of "inner strength" is very often at the core of building mental toughness as this is what drives an athlete forward, whatever has happened in the past or whatever set-backs they face.

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