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Sports Hypnosis - Injury Recovery

“The physician is only nature’s assistant” - Galen, Greek Physician

Many years ago when hypnosis was first discovered, the first uses were actually for healing. From the sleep temples of ancient Greece to Franz Anton Mesmer’s work in 18 th century Paris, healing was the overriding purpose of the hypnotic trance.

Modern hypnosis now continues to help people to ‘mobilise’ their own healing powers. This does not of course remove any need for physical manipulation or surgery to correct broken bones – whilst most sports injuries have strictly physiological causes, it is now understood that some problems have psychological components, particularly muscle pain and tension.

Research has shown that positive self-talk, goal setting and healing imagery can enhance recovery from injuries (for reference see research conducted by Ievleva and Orlick, 1991) and hypnosis is extremely valuable in kick-starting these curing forces within the person and also for uncovering any psychological elements which may appear on initial assessment, strictly physical.

At Christy Hypnotherapy, I work closely with clients to understand all aspects of their injury or pain, taking into account both the physical and emotional elements and ensuring any treatment they are undergoing is taken into account.

Hypnosis for injury recovery is entirely natural, with no harmful side-effects or contraindications and can be carried out regardless of any physical treatment being carried out.

If you would like to find out how hypnosis could help you with injury recovery or pain management, email Christy today: christy@christyhypnotherapy.com or call 01252 334377

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